Swimming with the dolphins in the Indian Ocean
This adventure can be combined with the excursion to “The forest of monkeys”.
Departure early morning with a van for the north side of the island where dolphin sightings are most frequent.
One cannot be absolutely sure they’ll be there but 98% of the time they are. As soon as we’re in the boat we get ready with masks, flippers and camera. Once we sight them we turn off the motor so they won’t be frightened and dive in to swim with them. If they decide to leave too soon we’ll try to follow. At the end of the excursion those who wish can continue the day with lunch in a typical restaurant on the beach before going to the Jozani Forest with its monkeys.

The forest of monkeys
During the first leg of this excursion we'll go see the small wild monkeys (Cercopithecus albogularis) that live high up in the trees in the Jazani forest. While they won't let you get close there are so many that it's easy to see them and give you a real thrill. During the second leg we'll go see the "red monkeys", so named by the inhabitants of Zanzibar for their red fur. They belong to the Colubus badius kirkii species and will let you come close, even pet and photograph them. Finally we'll go to the Jozani National Park with its marvelous mangroves and a visit to the lagoon on a trail and boardwalk built by the inhabitants.

Blu Day
Departure early in the morning with the van to catch the boat for the marvelous sandbar that appears and disappears with the tides, where we’ll eat all the lobster and fish we want. After snorkeling we’ll go to see the marvelous age-old enormous mangrove trees before taking a swim in the crystal clear water (sandbar, lobster dinner and visit to the mangroves).

Nungwy + Boatyard
Departure after lunch for the north of the island
First stop: the sea turtle sanctuary, where hatchlings are collected, taken care of, and later set free.
Then comes the visit to the boatyard not far off where the wooden boats are made.
Lastly to the beach for sunset.

Prison Island (Tortoise Island Sanctuary) + Snorkeling
This excursion lasts half a day and is often accompanied by the visit to the spices of Stone Town. Departure early in the morning with the van for the city of “Stone Town” to catch the boat for the island! Once there you can admire these splendid giant tortoises, pet them, photograph and feed them. After marveling at these dinosaur-like animals we’ll go to the lovely white beach of the island to go snorkeling if we wish.

Coral Reef of Mnemba
Not to be missed is the outing to the nearby island of Mnemba with an underwater wall with all kinds of marine species and colorful aquatic plants. This is one of the most fantastic scenes that snorkeling can offer, a favorite place for scuba divers and lovers of the ocean depths.

Stone Town and Spice Museum
The visit to Stone Town is as simple as it is interesting. The town has been declared a World Heritage Center by UNESCO and the lives of the people here are completely unlike what we are used to. To begin with the market, with its tropical fruits as well as spices and fish, a walk through the narrow alleyways of the center with old stone buildings decorated with beautiful doors. A short walk to the streets in the center, in one of which is the house where Freddie Mercury (legendary singer of the Queen) was born, now a souvenir shop for western tourists. Freddie was born on the island because his parents were employed by the English consulate of Zanzibar. He was nine when they moved to England and he never returned.
The lanes in the city center interweave and get ever narrower, turning into passageways lined by old stone houses with their extraordinary inlaid and decorated doors, symbols of the wealth and prosperity of those who lived here once.

Waikiki's day, entertainment jugglers and dancing with Masai
We offer a special occasion for those who want to spend a Friday night different from others, in the company of Zanzibari, Maasai and tourists of various nationalities.
The Waikiki's day, a special evening to enjoy a cocktail and enjoy a show with jugglers and dancers Tanzanians.
The event costs € 10 per person (with a cocktail and transport included in the price).
Those who wish soon after, disco until late at night.

Tailor made guided tour
To make your holiday in Zanzibar unique you can choose a tailor made guided tour. You will organize and plan by yourself the experience tracing the itinerary of your personalized excursion with our guide.
A van that carries up to 12 guests will be available, aboard a boat, with equipment for deep sea fishing and snorkeling. By boat you can reach beautiful places and wonderful restaurants on the beach. During the boat trip you will be offered drinks and fruit snacks.

For price, durability and more information, please contact the staff on site or write to booking@zanzibarblumarlin.com
(if paid on booking is even more cheaper)



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